Silver & Gunmetal & Matte Black

Bright silver-plated chain can be shiny and highly reflective or a little softer, with a sheen.  Either way, bright silver always looks fresh and clean.

Although gunmetal can vary from blue-black to brown-black and grey-black, we prefer the gray-black variety.  You can almost always use gunmetal chains for bold, striking jewelry. (Gunmetal may contain trace bits of nickel and is considered inappropriate for children's jewelry.)

Matte black chain is more of a velvety-black, but still metallic finish.  Rather than using a nickel formula as some gunmetals, our matte black is a copper oxide.  You may find this chain useful if you have ever had an allergic reaction to gunmetal chain.

Be sure to grab some matching lobster claws, jump rings, headpins and earwires to match!

This family of plated chains is silver, gunmetal or copper oxide over brass free from lead, nickel, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and chlorine/PVC. (Although the gunmetal may contain traces of nickel.)