Chain 0052: 5.5x8.5mm Medium Curb Chain

Curb style chain made with round heavier gauge wire and is suitable for charm bracelets and multi layering. Weightier feel without the bulk and can also stand alone. Available in all our excellent plated finishes. A great-looking, classic style of chain! 
  • Metal plates over brass chain
  • Uniform unsoldered (open) links
  • Links are round wire approx. 18 gauge diameter.
  • Curb chains have a slight front-to-back twist so links "overlap" , helping this chain to lie flatter than you get with cable chain
  • Links are about 8mm long x 5.5mm wide (outside dimensions)
  • Approx. 3-3/4 links per inch
  • We ship longest sections possible with as few splices as possible; however, we can not guarantee one long continuous length and splices are a factor of chain manufacturing.
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