Chain 0049: 3x6.5mm Patterned Elongated Flat Cable Chain

Chain links have a shimmery look due to the nice texture stamped into the link.This looks lovely mixed with other styles and worn long or short. Two link sizes to work with making it easy to space out your beads. Use leftovers for chain extensions.

  • Brass chain plated with different metal plates
  • Links are flattened wire with straight slash pattern for the texture.
  • Large links are about 6.5mm long x 3mm wide (outside dimensions)
  • Small links measure approx. 3mm long x 2.75mm wide (outside dimensions)
  • Soldered (closed) links
  • Approx. 3-1/2 large links and 3 small links per inch.
  • We ship longest sections with as few connections as possible. We can not guarantee one long continuous length.
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